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Aug 01, 2017 Catch 5i's CEO on BNN this Wednesday at 1pm EST. Send in your questions!

By 5i

Ryan Live on BNN

Join 5i Research's CEO Ryan Modesto who will be live on BNN this Wednesday August 2nd at 1pm EST. 

Tune-in to hear Ryan's latest top picks, how the past picks have performed, along with him and his team's latest investing insights.

Submit your questions when he's live by calling BNN's Market Call at 1-855-326-6266, or submit your questions on Twitter by using #marketcall during the interview.

We look forward to your questions!


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Aug 5, 2017
By Peter
Hi,may I add to Ryan's reply to Ray.Of Ryan's 3 picks--TSGI,PHO & NFI--PHO & NFI were recent picks in the semi monthly & monthly reports(NFI on July 30)TSGI was a hot topic especially when allegations of wrong doing against the co.& former ceo.In my humble opinion,it is to our advantage that both Ryan & Peter recommend the stocks on BNN after recommendation to us.They are very respected in the market place so their recommendations on BNN usually result in appreciation.I notice that most recommendations in 5I generally result in spike in price.For example SHOP was recommended to 5I members before Peter recently made it a top pick on BNN @ $68.50 & now $122 plus,
Aug 5, 2017
By Ryan
Hi Ray, thanks for the note. We generally have all of our picks come from our coverage list and/or model portfolios, so our members still have access to all of the research (in far greater detail) before others would. Members get additions to model portfolios and new reports as well as ratings changes before anyone else as well. Since it is done on public television, all members still get equal access to the picks as long as they tune in, so there is not really a 'disadvantage' here. Finally, 5i is much more than '3 picks' a quarter. Between three model portfolios, over 70 companies covered and a Q&A section where you can receive feedback usually within 48 hours, there are plenty of stock opportunities to explore.
Aug 2, 2017
By Ray
I don't see why TV viewers get 5i s recommendations before I do when I pay for the service.


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