5 from 5i: Bond yields are not good predictors of inflation

Barkha Rani Feb 19, 2021
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Market View

TSX index futures declined due to a decline in oil prices. Oil slid as Texas energy firms reopen oil and gas production after days of frozen shutdowns. Eurozone factory data showed the highest activity data in three years. The US dollar and gold prices slid. The Canadian dollar was 79.26. U.S. S&P500 ended the week up 0.3%, while the TSX ended the week down 0.2%.

It was a bag of mixed sector returns this week. Energy gained 5.7%, while healthcare rose 3.3%. Consumer discretionary leaped 2.1%, and financials added 1.6%. Industrials ended the week flat, and materials slid the most by 2.8%. Consumer staples and technology slid by 2% each. The most heavily traded shares by volume were Supreme Cannabis, Nevada Copper Corp, and Avalon Advanced Materials.

5 from 5i

Here are five reads we found interesting last week:

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Feb 20, 2021
Your chart attack report is fantastic - I like it a lot. How often would you publish these charts?