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Portfolio Reviews for Regular People

What is included in a portfolio review?

1) Portfolio Objectives:

  • We help define what type of investor you are and what type of investor you should be.
  • We look at your current portfolio to see if it is appropriate for your needs and objectives.
  • We also build a return estimate that investors can reasonably expect from both the current portfolio and any suggested portfolio.
  • We take a total portfolio approach and ensure we are looking at the whole portfolio, not a single account.

 2) Portfolio Assessment:

  • Independent opinions on current portfolio allocations and holdings relative to your personal situation.
  • Suggestions on allocations across asset classes, geographies and industries that may better suit your needs.
  • Consolidation of all holdings into one spreadsheet.
  • Attention to specific portfolio related questions or concerns that you may have.*
  • We remain conflict-free and lack incentives (aside from the initial fee) that 

     would bias us to provide an opinion for the purposes of 'keeping' a client's business.

 3) Steps for Improvement:

  • While we do not intend to 'hold your hand' as/if you transition the portfolio, the review does offer guidance on how to get the portfolio to the 'suggested state'.
  • Outline major strengths and weaknesses in the portfolio to help you focus in on the areas that matter, allowing you to see the forest for the trees.

See an abbreviated sample here.


* 5i Research may not address some requests that are deemed out of the scope of the service

Who is this service suitable for?

An investor looking for an independent second opinion.

A do-it-yourself investor who wants to ensure they are on the right track.

An individual going through a transition phase in their investment journey or implementing a new strategy.

Anyone that simply wants an extra set of eyes to look at a portfolio for peace of mind. 

Common questions we answer in a review:

I need to fund $X of expenses each year. Will my portfolio allow me to do so?

I have too many stocks and am no longer able to manage my portfolio efficiently. How can I simplify?

Given my situation, am I taking the right amount of risk with the portfolio?

Do you think I am properly allocated across country/sector? Where do I start rebalancing?



What is the cost?

  • The portfolio review is a straight fee that totals $1,599.
  • This is only 0.6% of a $250,000 portfolio!
  • We do not charge by the hour, so you know what the cost is from the outset.
  • Upon acceptance of the submission and depending on the portfolio, a review should be completed in two to three weeks. 

What the service is not:

  • We are not your personal financial advisor or wealth manager.
  • A 'high-touch' service. We have automated a great deal of the information gathering process as a means to keep the overall costs to you low.
  • We are not and do not intend to be your sole source when making investment decisions.
  • We do not buy or sell securities or manage assets on behalf of others.
  • We are not afraid to tell clients when we think their portfolios are structured improperly - since we operate on a fee basis, we do not have a vested interest in making sure an investor 'feels good' about their portfolio (but don't worry, we will be nice about it!).

What some of our customers have said:

“Thank you very much for returning the portfolio review. I have finally found time to go through it and I am very pleased with the depth of your review and suggestions. As a do it myself investor, for me to have a service like this is invaluable. I enjoy doing my own investments and to have a sounding board such as 5i to provide feedback is very reassuring. Thanks again for providing the review and of course 5i research, both outstanding.” - P.D.


“THANK YOU very much this is well worth waiting for. While I have just had time for a quick look I am most impressed. I am ashamed to tell you, so I won’t, how many thousands of dollars we have lost to professional managers whose interests were much better served than ours. I finally took things over when I retired and at least stopped the bleeding. In doing a bit of research I stumbled across 5I and was most impressed. It was a very good day indeed.” - R.H.


“Thank you for reviewing our portfolio!  We are well on our way with making several changes to better suit our situation.  We appreciate the quick turn- around time and the clarity you provided in your easy to read yet comprehensive report. No questions at this time.  Just wanted to say thanks much! ” - T.F.


"I just wanted to comment about the Portfolio Review that you did for me a few months ago. I wasn't certain what to expect but I really did feel I had gotten good value. It was informative and thoughtful. I liked that it was a suggestion of what I could be doing. It was a bonus to be able to ask questions that pertains to my specific situation.
In my case, I needed a "kick in the butt" to start really PLANNING for retirement and to reduce my risk exposure. This review is so thorough that it took me several readings to really filter the information. Awesome job 5I!!! Highly recommended!" - B.K.


Portfolio Reviews for Regular People

One time fee of only $1,599.