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Headline image for Three Stocks Poised for All-Time Highs

Three Stocks Poised for All-Time Highs

Most fund managers' goal is to outperform the benchmark, so money tends to flow into stocks showing outperformance. When combined with the following technical setup such as a stock breaking out from a base (strong chart pattern) to a new all-time high, this strategy can not only be very powerful, but very profitable. Here are this week's three ideas: 

Barkha Jul 09, 2019
Headline image for Navigating the Market Noise

Navigating the Market Noise

Emotional biases are much harder to correct because they stem from impulse and/or intuition. Often an investor needs to first recognize these issues, then find a way to minimize the effects. Below are the behavioral elements associated with market trends and the psychological forces that drive them.

5i Jun 17, 2019
Headline image for Technical Analysis: Three stock charts poised to trend higher

Technical Analysis: Three stock charts poised to trend higher

Many companies trading in the Canadian stock markets such as the TSX and TSX Venture exchange go through periods of consolidation where not a whole lot happens with either the share prices or the fundamentals at the company. This is where technical analysis can be helpful as it provides a bit of a guide as to when these 'quieter' stocks may be set to make a move. Here are a few stock charts with companies poised to trend higher.

5i Aug 23, 2018
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