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Headline image for Tax Loss Selling in 2020

Tax Loss Selling in 2020

With the last day to settle trades for Canadian tax-loss selling being December 29th, 2020, we wanted to highlight some names that might see undue pressure during tax-loss selling season.



Moez Nov 10, 2020
Headline image for 5i Screener: Low Beta Stocks For Lower Volatility

5i Screener: Low Beta Stocks For Lower Volatility

As we approach year-end, there are numerous reasons investors should expect and be prepared for volatility. We screen for stocks with low beta and high quality as ideas for lowering portfolio volatility.

Moez Oct 20, 2020
Headline image for Stock Screener: High ROE and New Debt

Stock Screener: High ROE and New Debt

Interest rates are at all-time record lows and are not expected to rise any time soon. This presents companies with a window to borrow at low rates to invest in new projects, improve their liquidity position or even payoff higher interest debt. For companies with lots of investment options that offer high potential returns, a 'low cost' debt environment could be a boon to business long-term. 


Moez Sep 15, 2020
Headline image for What Drives the TSX Now?

What Drives the TSX Now?

Looking further into why S&P500 always manages to outperform TSX, regardless of a strong rally in gold and technology sectors.

Ryan Sep 01, 2020

Will Direct Indexing Destroy the ETF Industry?

With news of numerous brokerages going to $0 trading commissions, the trend toward direct indexing just got a lot more compelling for investors. Direct indexing essentially lets an investor buy the underlying securities within an index (say the TSX 60 or the S&P 500) automatically at their broker without owning them through some sort of fund or ETF.

Ryan Oct 20, 2019