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TFSA vs RRSP: The Importance of Sectors

Should an investor focus on putting certain industry exposure into different accounts? By default, if an investor is tilting a portfolio to things like dividend payers or growth companies, there will be an overrepresentation of certain sectors in the different accounts. Let's take a look at what sectors would align with the types of securities we think fit best in an RRSP and TFSA.

It is important to remember that there is no single correct answer here. This guide should offer an investor a starting point for how to attack their tax-advantaged accounts and allow one to adjust as they deem fit. It is also important to remember we are taking the point of view of a Canadian investor here.

5i Jan 01, 2019
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Nowhere to hide

2018 was the year where investors had nowhere to hide. No matter where you were invested in the stock market, you likely had a tough year (and if you didn’t then give yourself a pat on the back): Geographically, sectoral, or even the ‘sure things’ like bitcoin and pot stocks are shadows of what they were just a year ago or at least in negative territory in many cases. This would have been a tough scenario to envision just six months ago. Everything had a tough go of it.

Ryan Dec 05, 2018
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