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Headline image for The Dangers of Defining Yourself as a Growth or Value Investor

The Dangers of Defining Yourself as a Growth or Value Investor

When talking to someone about investing, the question of ‘what style of investor you are’ often comes up early in the conversation. It gives an individual a bit of a sense of who they are dealing with and the context with which they can talk stocks and investing.

Typically, a response will be either ‘growth’ or ‘value’ and I would bet that a surprising majority of investors would call themselves...

r Jul 24, 2018

Why writing is important when investing

I have not been writing here nearly as much as I would like. This seems like a reasonable activity to stop when things get busy but an investor who does not write and record their thoughts and strategies in some form is worse off in my opinion. Without documenting your thought process, ideas and theories, there is no way to keep track of everything that is going on in the markets and in your own mind let alone what is actually working or not. Fortunately we have a great team at 5i Research who has been able to keep the content flowing for readers and to keep our team on our toes.  

r Dec 07, 2017
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