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Who Gets Impacted By a Canada Carbon Tax

A look at the recent announcement by the Federal government that a national carbon tax will be implemented in 2018: Which provinces, industries and companies are impacted most.

Ryan Oct 06, 2016

5i Filter - Oil bust

The 5i Filter for August takes a look at companies that could find themselves in a pinch if low oil pries are here to stay.

Ryan Aug 25, 2015

5i Filter – Obliteration of oil

Taking some time to look at companies within the energy sector that are likely going to be on most investors’ tax-loss selling list.

Ryan Dec 02, 2014

5 ways to achieve investing nirvana

What’s nirvana got to do with the stock market? Well, we’ve never met an investor who wasn’t searching for the “perfect stock” or the “perfect strategy.”

Aaron Nov 25, 2014
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