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Who's working for you? Brokers make money, investment bankers make money, fund managers make money! Who has your - and yours only - interests in mind? 5i Research® does.

We work ONLY for you, our members. Isn't it about time someone was on your side? On your money's side? With No Conflicts! Ever!!

Who else will answer your investment and company questions honestly and independently, without trying to sell you something on the side?

Who else will offer a Model Portfolio (up 28% in seven months), with no obligations or management fees?

5i Research® Means:

  • Integrity - we have absolutely no conflicts.
  • Insight - we have decades of experience.
  • Independence - we work only for you.
  • Individual - our research is catered to you, not an institutional investor.
  • Investment - Invest in education before you lose money elsewhere.

With 5i Research® You Receive:


  • Conflict free buy/sell opinions.
  • Precise clear investment recommendations.
  • New issue recommendations not available anywhere else.
  • First opinion on Structured Products your broker will try to sell you.
  • Only members pay us - we don't manage money, trade stocks we follow or earn commissions.
  • 20% discount on a one-year on-line subscription to Canadian Money Saver magazine if you become a 5i Member.
  • We will educate you on how to avoid losses.
  • We are not for day traders - they can go elsewhere.
  • Opine. Educate. Inform - that's our mission.
  • Easy to understand research briefs. Designed for you, not institutions.
  • 5i members can send investment questions on for consideration (24 per year). All members can view our answers.
  • Special educational supplements published and posted online on a regular basis.
  • Daily Twitter updates.
  • Just one investment loss avoided pays for a lifetime of membership!

How much does all this cost? Just $119.95 per YEAR!

We will never try and sell you anything else. We are fully funded. We will continue to provide research to investors for many years, and don't need to advertise nor have any connections with any other web site or company. We believe the investment world needs a conflict-free voice, and we provide it!

Gift Memberships Also Available!

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*general investment questions only. We do not give individual portfolio advice at this time - we will at a later date for a premium membership.