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5i Research Testimonials

"5i, You are the best. Prompt, clear, and concise responses during this tough period, you are worth your weight in gold ! Thank you for your continued support and excellence in service and knowledge. You are definitely the best investment service out there."


"Well HUGE thank you to 5i Research.  Since I've taken over my portfolio (from a Salesman purporting to be a good Financial Advisor) I've averaged 20.1% in 2013, 22.7% in 2014 and 13% in 2015.  So far, well above growth expectations." 

Happy new year!!!


"hello 5i:  some questions I'd like to ask YOUR SUBSCRIBERS:

- where can you get a service like this for $149/yr?
- where can you get UNBIASED coverage like this for $149/yr?
- where can you get a service like this that doesn't have some hidden agenda patronage, commission bias, etc.
- where can you find a service that answers questions on holidays, weekends etc?
- where can you find a service with people as experienced as Peter and team, who have been through market cycles and are well-thought of by their peers?
- where can you find a service that is as patient with investor questions as 5i?

In over 25 years of investing, I haven't found one this good, on this many points.  Being conservative, I'll see what happens in a down market cycle, but it won't affect any of the questions I asked above, and no, this is not a paid commercial on behalf of 5i: I'm a regular subscriber who thinks they are getting a great service at a bargain price, and wish to say so."

"I have been in the market for 50 YEARS ...AND I STILL HAVE LEARNED SO MUCH FROM YOU.  100 times my cost in one year. Congrats on amaya which will be a ten bagger in a fews years. " 


 "Hi Peter, Just a brief story. I have always been a struggling investor and never made money in the stock market for so many years mainly due to being impatient even with much more than normal investment knowledge. However, recently I picked up one of your comments regarding MT and I actually invested in that company. I just wanted to thank you for all your help in answering my questions regarding the company which made me book the biggest profit of my life. Thanks again for all the advice that you make available on this site. This is certainly going to benefit a lot of people like me down the road". 5i Member initials I.Q.

"I want to congratulate you on your venture with Canadian Money Saver.

Sir, I have known you as one of the most intelligent and astute investors I have come across in my life. I have read your articles with a lot of interest over the last few years in the National Post. This is coming from a somewhat of a sophisticated investor who has invested all over the world.

Your latest article that talks about your investment thesis in companies that have just initiated a dividend is of great significance. How can people forget these things is unbelievable? I too am one of them.

I look forward to more future articles from you. You are a very wise man and I thank you for sharing your many experiences with us. I wish you and your family the very best for the upcoming holiday season." Respectfully, Kumar

"Dear Peter: I can`t thank you enough for the valuable advice you have provided me over the past years on BNN. Ten years ago I was forced from work due to illness, at the age of forty with three young children, my financial situation was very precarious. My wages were reduced by 50% and I had never invested in the stock market, it was imperative that I did something to supplement my income. With great advice from you and lots of reading and research, I was able to learn enough to almost return my earnings to their original levels.

I always viewed you as one of the most insightful, honest and interesting Analysts on BNN and I am looking forward to join you in your new adventure. I wish you much success, and hope you find this new challenge very rewarding.

Thanks again Peter, you have had a huge impact on my financial well being my family and I are truly grateful!" Robert S., St. Catherines

Good morning Peter,
I just wanted to take a minute and thank-you for adding the "Question" section to 5i website - I love, love, love it. I'm extremely new to investing and I'm finding everyone's questions and answers very educational.
Keep up the excellent work that you're all doing there at 5i, I'm really enjoying your website and love your newsletters.
Thanks for watching out for us "little guys/gals".

D. S.


Lana; Thank you .My faith in Mr. Hodson is now verified. It is rare, actually almost non- existent, that a persons emails to a web site are answered , to the point, and timely. I really think Mr.Hodson should do some marketing out West. I believe he has a huge untapped following due to his concise and factual appearances on BNN. I spent some thirty years in the investment business and have never experienced such non biased research.


 Amazing. An 85% two year + two week return so far for the 5i Balanced Equity portfolio; this is roughly 3 times the TSX return over the same time (and your garden variety mutual fund). The only comparable in my Canadian universe is the DKAM Capital Ideas Fund which returned about 70% net of all fees and performance bonuses, which were likely sizable, and we know they overweight some positions to 10-12% to get results like this. I think you've achieved your objective of giving investors great returns and value for the subscription cost and more and for me it's been a great ride and exceeded all my expectations from when I signed on. Keep up the outstanding work and treat yourselves to an extra slice of cherry strudel, maybe even with some schnapps! Thanks a ton, Jeff (April, 2015)