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  5. BYD: Good morning 5i Anything you say about what to add to a tfsa is interesting. [Boyd Group Services Inc.]
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Q: Good morning 5i
Anything you say about what to add to a tfsa is interesting. This morning you responded to just that question and suggested, amongst others, tfii. You said you would add in the hopes of an upturn. As i look at the chart, though, i see that it has been rising quite well, already. Are you expecting a big move here? I ask because I have such good profits from it that i have been thinking about using it for charitable giving. If you think there is a particularly bright future for it, though, i may hold off.

I was also a bit surprised that you didnít include Boyd. I know thatyou canít include everything, of course. But i thought that you are positive on it. What would be the reason for not including Boyd in this group?
Thanks for the excellent service

Asked by joseph on March 08, 2023
5i Research Answer:

We like BYD, but the others have been performing better generally and BYD is quite expensive on valuation. TFII might do some more acquisitions, but we are no 'expecting' anything imminently. It has just proved itself to be a very excellent company and compounder over the past 15 years and we have strong faith in management that this will continue, give or take some economic variability.