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Q: Hi

Thank you for your reply below.

We will not be selling our BRK,B.

We can not afford to buy a worthwhile position in CSU without selling BRK.B.

Another factor is that BRK.B is in our RRSP accounts, and the capital gains becomes an issue if we go to our cash accounts.

Would it make sense to add to XIT as CSU is its largest holding.

Its a situation of having champagne taste on a beer pocket book.

Thanks again


Hello I am low in Tech and high in Financials. Thinking of selling my BRK.B and buying CSU. Your comments or your suggestions are most welcome. Thank you Mike

We would consider both of these to be very high quality stocks, and would be fine with this switch if it matches one's sector goals. Because BRK.B is so solid, though, we might consider swapping something else if there are other financial stocks to choose from.

Asked by Mike on January 23, 2023
5i Research Answer:

CSU is 26% of XIT; we would be comfortable buying this as a solution.

Authors of this answer, directors, partners and/or officers of 5i Research and/or affiliated companies have a financial or other interest in XIT.