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Q: Hi
I have asked you about these four companies before .
All have since dropped even further .
i know Lundin had a sink hole by one of its mines .
for the other companies is it just the market or i there a reason for the continual drop in price.
Should i be selling these stocks

Thank you

Asked by Howard on September 22, 2022
5i Research Answer:

FTS appears to be weak mainly due to the rise in interest rates, which can impact all dividend stocks. QTRH has reported horrible earnings and the company continues to move in different directions and investors are frustrated. BOS has debt and fairly low cash flow right now, and it is tough to be a small cap company in this market. It also got a huge boost in orders from the pandemic, and investors saw it as a pandemic play, which is now fading. Its decline of 80% YTD is shocking. Debt has gone up though, at perhaps the wrong time. We think FTS is very secure. QTRH we think can go. LUN has a solid balance sheet and should be OK to get through its current troubles. BOS is a harder call but likely OK. All 7 analsysts still like it, with an average target of $25.50. The drop seems overdone to us but that does not make it risk-free.