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Q: What has RHT signed since last Oct.? With the cash flow starting to kick in this month what do you think of the stock moving forward.?
Would appreciate your view. Thanks in advance.

Asked by John on April 13, 2022
5i Research Answer:

RHT has had multiple announcements in the past six months. April 8 was the most recent. There was a CRO announcement in late March. Five contracts on March 16. Five on March 8. 10,000 patients Feb 22. 50,000 patients in January. The company has promised a high recurring revenue rate, and expectations are very high. Market cap is near $150M and reported revenue last year was less than $5M. We are still in the 'show me' phase here, as the company has promised a lot before, and not delivered. We would like to see revenue accelerate as expected.