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  5. ZQQ: In my grandchildren RESP I currently own IWO and VRO. [BMO Nasdaq 100 Equity Hedged To CAD Index ETF]
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Q: In my grandchildren RESP I currently own IWO and VRO. I would like to add a third ETF, which would be better VGG or ZQQ? Money not needed for 12 years. At what $ amount would you start to invest in individual stocks?

Asked by on November 09, 2021
5i Research Answer:

The decision on individual stocks involves risk tolerance as well as a cash amount. For diversification, we would like to see at least seven positions, so assuming current trading costs we think $20,000 is a good level to consider. Th VGG/ZQQ is essentially a growth (tech) vs 'index' decision. Considering the growth focused ETFs noted already, VGG probably makes the most sense as an addition. 

Authors of this answer, directors, partners and/or officers of 5i Research and/or affiliated companies have a financial or other interest in VGG.