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Q: I am looking for your opinion on tech weighting. My USA exposure is currently VIG, SPY and IWO. ( 40-40-20%). This puts me a bit underweight tech relative to the overall USA market ( and globally in my portfolio). I've had in my "plan" to shift a small amount of spy and vig to xqq to get my tech allocation up from low teens to high teens.

So long way to ask: Is now a good time to add XQQ or has the run been too good to keep going.

Asked by Tom on November 06, 2021
5i Research Answer:

Tech margins are good, growth is (generally) still very high, and a lot of companies have pricing power. The 4Q is usually good for the sector. The main concern would be interest rates, but the market seems to be adjusting to this now. We would be OK adding some exposure to a desired targetted weighting.

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