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Q: Hi 5i,
I hold NFI in a reg'd account where I endeavour to buy and hold. A while ago it was up nicely but then lost all its gains and more when the revised guidance came out. Now, with its recent soft recovery and dividends accounted for it's back in black, slightly.
I'm not optimistic about NFI's next couple of years and would like to see better capital gain and dividend income from the funds currently in NFI, and I'm considering WJX as a replacement. What do you think of this move and, if not WJX, can you suggest another one or two names for me to consider?
Much the same circumstances and question regarding AQN, which I think is somewhat stale these days and may be for a few years to come. I'm considering CPX as a replacement and would appreciate your opinion on that move, and your suggestions of one or two other than CPX if you think leaving AQN behind is wise but CPX might not be the answer.
Thanks and please deduct accordingly.

Asked by Peter on November 01, 2021
5i Research Answer:

WJX is smaller, but it is getting its financing under control. In industrials, we might prefer ATA or WSP for growth.TFII also looks good after last week's decline (and 17% dividend bump). Everyone loves to hate AQN right now, but we would not consider it so bad. We would be OK with a CPX switch but would view it as a lateral move. BEPC could be a replacement, and BLX likely will show more growth, at a higher risk level.