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Q: Hello,
Is Cielo Waste Solutions headed for bankruptcy? I know this is a hypothetical question but should one bail completely? Any idea why ATS automation is declining and do you think it is worth starting a position in Fobi AI? They seem to come out with good news regularly but unsure how it will be translated to revenues and profits.. Thanks for your reply.

Asked by umedali on September 28, 2021
5i Research Answer:

CMC needs to be considered risky, but we would not assume a declining share price means financial trouble. The stock is up more than 400% this year and was in a net cash position last quarter. Growth stocks have been hit a bit and ATA has been weak. It is up 141% in the past year. FOBI still has minimal revenue so will continue to move on announcements and expectations. It is buying companies to bulk up and the stock continues to trade near its highs.