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Q: Hi 5i team.

Can you please give me a ball park figure of the % Gas vs Oil torque imbedded in the holdings of XEG? Are there any ETFs that focus on Oil only or Gas only Companies?

Many thanks for your help.

Asked by Arthur on September 16, 2021
5i Research Answer:

All the holdings in XEG are referred to as integrated oil and gas companies. Integrated oil and gas companies are involved in the entire value chain of the oil industry with assets helping with exploration and drilling, transportation via trucks, tankers, or pipelines, refineries, and even gas stations. Despite this classification, some of its holdings are nearly all gas-focused, such as Tourmaline.  But the fund does not break out its commodity allocation exposure. A ballpark estimate on its holdings we think would be 20% gas/80% oil. Unfortunately, there aren't any specific oil/gas ETFs listed in Canada that we've come across, but some options of just natural gas (as a commodity) ETFs are UNG and BOIL. Or USO for oil.