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Q: I have new US $ 20k to purchase US listed stocks. Please rank buying order of the above stocks for long term growth and reasons if possible. Thank you kindly. Bill

Asked by Bill on September 07, 2021
5i Research Answer:

We would rank: PLTR, ABCL, TASK, SSSS

PLTR should continue to grow very fast, and we expect margins to improve as it adds customer. It has interesting tech which might be a good competitive advantage in a rapidly-growing sector. ABCL has lots of cash and good potential, and we think has been beaten up too much. SSSS has done well but is essentially a holding company of other investments, and we would prefer growth directly. TASK has potential but has already tripled+ since its June IPO and we would like to see a few more quarters of public financials to confirm the story. 

Authors of this answer, directors, partners and/or officers of 5i Research and/or affiliated companies have a financial or other interest in SSSS, PLTR.