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  5. AGN: could you evaluate these stocks for me. [Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc.]
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Q: could you evaluate these stocks for me. thanks in advance cr

Asked by cliff on July 30, 2021
5i Research Answer:

We would rank AQN, CTS, AGN.

AGN has no revenues, with about $2.4M in cash with no debt, the company is burning through cash and will likely need to raise money. We would have a hard time endorsing this one and would view it as highly speculative. AQN is a much larger utility company with a reasonable valuation compared to peers. It is expected to show good revenue and earnings growth over the next few years and with a 4.2% yield, we like it for income compared to peers and would be fine owning it in general. CTS is a higher risk name but with more growth potential given its size and industry. We think it trades cheap at 1.2x sales and 38x earnings given the growth expected.