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Q: I have owned ENB for many years. Many positives about the company and I have enjoyed the dividend.

But with on going pipeline concerns and the fact that the stock has is still below where it was 5 years ago, I am going to move on.

With Energy looking like a solid place to be right now, I am looking for something with more upside torque - without of course taking on excessive risk.

I already own OIH, XLE, KMI, EPD, BEP, CVX, and in Canada: WCP, ARX, and PKI.
Recognizing that the final decision is mine, is there one or two other energy companies (on either side of the border) that you would suggest or would you see adding to one of the above or adding a new ETF?

Thanks for your help here.

Asked by Donald on June 14, 2021
5i Research Answer:

With the securities noted, we would not see an ETF as really adding anything here. We would suggest TOU in Canada and HES in the US as possible additions.