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Q: I have held IIP.un for about 9 month. Following some declines (story of my life) and then periods of stable value, the stock has been increasing nicely in the last couple of months and I am now up about 15%. Do you see continuing increases for IIP.un or will it flat line after this recent run? The other day a BNN guest suggested that TCN would be better than IIP.un, going forward. What do you think about a switch? Of the 2, which would be a stronger, more secure holding. Thank you for your excellent service.

Asked by Leonard on May 11, 2021
5i Research Answer:

We would prefer TCN for growth potential, but they are different. TCN is not a REIT, and has a US focus. We think IIP is fine, though. It is very well run, and as we come out of pandemic business conditions should improve. We would not view it as a sell today, but a decent income stock with some growth potential still.