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Q: Your most recent answers to questions about HR.UN and REI.UN indicate that you don't favour them and that they do not need to be owned, suggesting DIR.UN instead, among others. So a few days ago I replaced HR.UN with DIR.UN, and ever since, both
REI and HR have been shooting up while DIR languishes. Today alone they are up over 5% and 4% respectively. Can you explain what's happening here?

Asked by chris on February 25, 2021
5i Research Answer:

This is the 're-opening' trade that investors are acting on now, with beaten-up stocks doing better as investors anticipate a return to normalcy as the pandemic fades. This may last longer, or not. But we would still see DIR as the better company. A re-opening should not hurt it, but investors like to jump in and ouf of specific names levered to the economy. But we would play the long game here and focus less on short term moves.