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How does 5i Research® work?
Like Costco. Members pay a small annual fee, and that fee entitles you to access all of our research, email notifications and special features any time you wish. Unlike Costco, however, you pay nothing else other than the Membership fee.


How much does membership in 5i Research cost?
Annual membership is $159.95, plus taxes. 


Does 5i Research® manage money?
No. Managing money while providing research is filled with conflicts. We want our research to be unbiased.


Does 5i Research® trade in stocks it covers?
No. Never. Staff are also not allowed to buy any new Canadian securities. Staff are allowed to trade US securities only.


Is 5i Research® affiliated in any way with any money manager, brokerage firm, bank or public company?


Who owns 5i Research®?
5I Research is privately owned, with the majority owned by Peter Hodson, CFA, former Chairman of Sprott Asset Management L.P. 5i Research Inc. is also the owner of Canadian Money Saver, a fully-independent financial magazine, published since 1981.


Why is the cost so low?
Several reasons: First, everything we do is online. We don’t print out glossy, 80-page reports. We don’t take company executives out to fancy dinners. We don’t pay lawyers to structure deals. We don’t pay commission to brokers to sell products. We don’t give any investment bankers large bonuses. We don’t cover everything. In addition, our founder has made a lot of money from wise equity investments, and we don’t need to charge a lot to our members in order to survive.


How often will I get research reports? Do you have a Model Portfolio?
Reports will be issued frequently (about two per month). We will cover some new issues, ETFs and structured products, and individual companies will be covered on an on-going basis. Everything will be posted on our website, available to our members by logging in. We provide a model portfolio for members to follow, posted monthly.


Can I request a specific company to be analyzed, or ask a question?
You can suggest companies in need of research coverage, however we cannot guarantee these will make it into our research list. Our Question and Answer feature is very popular. Because we don't sell stocks or trade, our answers don't need a compliance department, and answers are typically given within 24 hours.


What do you look for in a company you cover?
Overall, we prefer more growth oriented companies with strong balance sheets that are in the small to mid-cap space. We like companies that are less known and we tend to stay away from the energy and materials sectors (more because we feel the other sectors in Canada don't get a whole lot of attention). We also like names that are showing good momentum, growing revenues, have insider ownership, strong management teams, and pay a growing dividend.


Can I follow 5i Research® on Twitter?
Yes, at @5iresearchdotca on Twitter.


How often are stock reports updated?
We do not report on everything a company does. If there is material news at a company, or something that could cause a change in our rating, we will comment. Reports are updated approx. every six to nine months.


Why do you use a high-school grading system on companies?
Because everyone can understand it. An “A” company is better than a “C-“ company. Most stock analysts use inoffensive terms to protect their relationships with companies. Do you know if a “Sector Perform” is better than an “Equal Weight”? Frankly, neither do we. Letter grades are simple, and we don’t care if we offend a company with an “F” grade. Click on the icon to see some description behind our rating system. PDF Image


How do I contact 5i Research®?

Our email is
Our website is


How do I become a Member of 5i Research®?
Click here