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Q: It is on 5I Tech Analysis on Nov 25 with a $7.70 B.O. It is the co's intention to buy back(BB) $100m worth of shares in 3 stages on "Tender Offer".1)On Aug 29/19 BB 4m shares @ $8 = $32m. 2)Feb 3(closing price $7.72) stated offer to purchase 4m shs @ $8.25(closed@ $7.91today) to commence on Feb 7 to Mar 16.(=$33m). 3)Later this year,will offer to BB $30-35m @ min. $8.50. My 2questions 1)should I tender my shares knowing that there is a higher offer @ $8.50 later in the year plus a current 5.08% yield.?Alternatively,I can tender & buy(hopefully at a better price) at a later date. 2)If I buy more shares the next few days(today's price of $7.91 lower than offer price of $8.25),do they qualify for the $8.25 tender offer? Please advise. Also please comment on the Q results released today after close of market. Txs for u usual great services & views

Read Answer Asked by Peter on February 19, 2020
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