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Q: HI 5i,
My daughter (still in school for another 3 years) has L, REAL, AQN, BAM-A, SLF, TIXT, BYD on a tfsa account and has some cash to add to one of this positions.
Also has ATD-B and MG in a cash account and wants to add another position.
Please suggest adding to current TFSA choices and a new idea for cash account. 3 year horizon.

Read Answer Asked by Vitor on June 08, 2021

Q: I am thinking about selling Couche Tard and buying GoEasy. I am concerned about what their confusing move for the French grocer meant. It was over so fast and they had to know the government would not been very keen. Was it signaling that they have run out of convenience store targets you think? What was that exercise telling investors? I know you like both but what one do you like better in my TFSA? When do you add sub prime exposure? When credit spreads are massive or when the economy gets back on solid footing? Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Martin on May 10, 2021
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