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Q: amazon , shopify etc , shares have soared during the pandemic season. If things begin to turn around and people leave their homes to shop again , what might a person want to be invested into to ride the next wave excluding big names like Costco and home depot Etc, thanks. no Rush on the answer.

Read Answer Asked by jim on December 21, 2020

Q: I join those who have sent their compliments and thanks. My success has had much to do with your info and advice.
Please suggest a few industrial and consumer cyclical stocks in Canada and the US for a person with moderate risk tolerance.
Stay safe and have a good year.
Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Ron on December 17, 2020

Q: What are your preferred industrial stocks (or ETF) in the US?
Thanks for your service!

Read Answer Asked by Ozzie on December 17, 2020
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