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Q: Hi team,
I know your focus is small/mid cap Canada and mine is mid/large cap U.S, so I try not to ask U.S. questions during peak Canadian earnings season, which has now passed.

On Friday afternoon, my tech watch list was fully green. Then PANW went red and redder. I knew something was up (or down). In a half hour, PANW was down almost $20. Finally Seeking Alpha had something on the wire. The Executive VP for worldwide sales at PANW is leaving at the end of September. No reasons given. In the past, when VPs of Finance leave companies abruptly, it may cast some doubt on the financials. I am not sure if a VP Sales departure is a likely sign of a revenue problem or not. I suspect the departure news may have leaked out before earnings on September 4 and PANW had to confirm it. If so, it may now be baked into the price.

What are your current thoughts on PANW and buying now?

Thanks again.
Dave H

Read Answer Asked by David on August 20, 2019

Q: hello 5i:
On your advice, I purchased OTEX back in 2015, and have done very well with it. thank you. I feel, however, that its overvalued at the moment and don't want to see the gains disappear. I'm thinking of selling OTEX and buying PANW. Could you comment and elaborate a bit on this potential move? I'll be staying in the Tech sector, so any other options you have would be of interest.. I'd like a US company, if possible (already own CSU and a small amount of PHO).
Paul L

Read Answer Asked by Paul on June 11, 2019
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