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Q: Hello,

With the recent positive earnings from Facebook and ServiceNow, would you recommend buying at this point? I'm also a long time holder of Visa (stock is down based on yesterdays results), would it also be a good idea to purchase MA at this time as well?


Read Answer Asked by Neeraj on February 04, 2019

Q: Hi 5i! I'm a middle-aged subscriber that has picked up some of the 5i researched companies - most recently Kinaxis and BNS. I'm slightly overweight Kinaxis and Shopify since I see them as potential growth engines. KXS, TOY, NVDA, SHOP, FB, and BNS are all in my non-reg account. If I need cash this year for personal projects, which companies might you recommend I start selling? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Marc on January 18, 2019
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