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Q: What are your thoughts about Facebook going forward? Worth holding or are there better growth stocks out there? If better growth stocks please name a few you would prefer. Risk level not a factor.

I would like to see dollar value change in portfolios in portfolio analytics rather then just percentage if you are considering making changes.


Read Answer Asked by Chris on January 30, 2020

Q: Hi Team,
I was contemplating buying either TTD, ROKU, or perhaps both. I understand both of these are a play on online advertising, which is no doubt set to be long term trend as more and more of the world gets online. Which do you prefer of these 2 names? And are they too expensive to buy at these levels? Any concerns with either of them at this point? My other part of this question will also be: I already own FB. Given that most if its revenue comes from social media advertising, and they are doing great at what they are doing, is there any reason to buy the other 2 names mentioned for exposure to the future of online advertising? Other than simply diversification? Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Shane on December 09, 2019
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