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Q: Hi !

I invest mostly in growth stocks but with 28% of my portfolio in tech, I may be overloaded in this sector. My present holdings are: CSU (2.7%) PHO (2.5%) KXS (3.2%) SHOP (3.5%) ADBE (3.1%) FB (2.7%) GOOG (2.6%) MU (1.8%) NVDA (2.2%) SQ (3.%). If I were to reduce the number of holdings as well as my tech %, on which stocks would you suggest to concentrate, identifying those with most growth potential and those more risky ? Are there any other stocks better suited to my goal ? Or should I stay the course here ?
Thank you for your good attention,

Read Answer Asked by Jacques on July 04, 2018

Q: Good Morning, my question is regarding the reclassification of the telecommunication sector and technology sector. What is your opinion on how reclassification will effect the stocks mentioned above. I have read that these stocks will be negatively effected due to repositioning of holdings within funds. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Heather on June 21, 2018

Q: Hi,
Could you get your crystal ball out to help with this decision. I bought facebook on the dip at $159. Now its bouncing around $190. For a two month return thats pretty great. Do you think its a good value "forever" type stock because of their user numbers? Or do you think its looking like a good time to move that money into something else offering greater upside? Im not into chasing gains and moving money around alot, I prefer value investing. However, since its hovering around its highest high is it likely to slow down to maybe just a few percent growth per year? Its growth has been very consistent since the end of 2012, but if that was to slow down and not offer a dividend it would lose some attractiveness for sure. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


Read Answer Asked by david on June 11, 2018
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