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Q: Hello Peter and Staff
So I am a slow learner and a bad order to add AND to my health care basket, Chartwell is gone.......I did not feel like adding $ for $ so have some of CSH proceeds left to top up a position or 2 in my basket....Please list 1, 2 ,3 in priority of your preferences above and if you see any you would not advise be kept, please say so and why.
Thanks for all you do

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on August 19, 2021

Q: Hi 5i,
I'll preface my question by saying I'm not well versed in analyzing the ins and and outs of quarterly reports and financial statements.
That said, I hope you can help me understand the great difference in the share price of LSPD and CURA, both of which i own and which I therefore want to understand better.
As i read them, the most recent quarterly reports of the two companies disclose that LSPD had revenue of 116 million to 312 million for CURA. LSPD loss per share was .38 and CURA's was .01. LSPD has 2.2 billion in total assets of which 807 million is cash and 1.266 billion is said to be made up of goodwill. CURA has 3 billion in total assets, of which 333 million is cash and 538 million is goodwill.
According to the metrics in 5i's digest for each, CURA leads in all the profitability ratios and in every management effectiveness category. Price to sales for CURA is 10.93 and price to sales for LSPD is 40.90, while CURA's price to book is marginally better than that of LSPD..
Assuming I have the foregoing stats correct or nearly so, why does LSPD trade for nearly 8 times more per share than CURA, and why is LSPD considered such a good growth prospect? While I recognize they are clearly apples and oranges, given that LSPD seems to have so far to go just to catch up to the numbers a less favored company like CURA has already reached, is it way overpriced?.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on August 12, 2021
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